Green Front Direct: Made in America

Green Front Direct: Made in America

Green Front Furniture is your source for expertly designed American-crafted and solid wood pieces, including those made from Ohio to Virginia. We’ve cultivated relationships with sellers throughout the country, allowing us to feature the highest quality products at competitive prices. American furniture has a rich history. Artisans gradually discovered new techniques, and furniture making evolved from straightforward and efficient to more ornate and animated. Green Front sales associates can help you navigate the styles, options and wood varieties as you choose pieces to incorporate in your home or office.

Uniquely American Character

Handcrafted with skill, American-made furniture embraces natural materials, such as live-edge, solid wood. Carefully crafted details add lively flourishes to modern decor. Juxtapose contemporary pieces with chairs in neutral and black finishes. Add storage that looks and acts smart, with cabinets featuring tapered corner posts and adjustable shelving. Explore the rugged beauty of individually-made farmhouse tables in majestic maple, oak, cherry, and mahogany.

A Proud Tradition

Our manufacturers understand the essence of American-made furniture: simplicity. The expertise is multi-generational, but the pieces are perfect for today, and built to last! Modern TV consoles and engaging living room furniture have craftsmanship in mind, from finishes to hardware. Texture adds so much and a variety is best, so consider arranging smooth and polished pieces alongside those with rough-hewn edges. The newest products and design trends arrive at Green Front stores every couple of weeks, presenting a fresh look at this enduring style.


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While we don’t currently offer products from this specific manufacturer, we encourage you to explore our diverse range of offerings from other manufacturers.

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