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Fine Furniture Design (FFDM)

Fine Furniture Design & Marketing (FFDM) are manufacturers of the finest quality, using unique designs created to blend the past, present and future. English dovetail, exquisite woods and innovative manufacturing systems are just a few examples of the detail in every piece.

Traditional furniture styles use historic pieces of furniture and well-known design elements as their inspiration. Silhouettes of traditional furniture often have more decoration and feature complex carvings of leaves, vines, shells, and flowers. Intricate moldings, bold shaping on case pieces and fancy veneer patterns are also hallmarks of traditional furniture.

Rich finishes with darker colorations complement the woods and veneers in traditional furniture collections. Decorative hardware completes the look with polished or burnished metals that capture nuances of carving detail or the look of fine jewelry.

Contemporary furniture embraces clean, uncluttered lines, curvilinear or geometric shapes and more modern adaptations of historical styles. Details such as veneer patterns and moldings are simple and often architectural in nature. Finishes may be in the lighter ranges, clear finishes or more opaque, dark finishes – with a glossier look than traditional finishes. Hardware is often simple and geometric with shaping that mirrors the shape of the piece of furniture it adorns.




Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Consoles/Media Centers, Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Sideboards & Buffets, Beds, Dressers, Nightstands, Armoires

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Sales Associate | Location: Farmville

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Sales Associate | Location: Farmville

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Sales Associate | Location: Farmville

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