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Traveler's Checklist

Tape Measure: you need to make sure the furniture can fit!

Smart Phone: Take pictures of pieces you like. Visit our interactive map to plot your course. Call your husband so he can re-measure the size of the living room. Post a selfie! #greenfront

Fabric Samples: Make sure your existing sofa can live with your new chairs.

Paint samples: Let’s make sure everyone gets along. If the wall color clashes with your new sectional, you are going to have a bad time.

Measurements: So you can rest assured…If you have blue prints, bring ‘em! This is the most efficient way to fill your whole home with Green Front furniture, rugs and home decor.

Walking Shoes: Because with 13 buildings and nearly 1,000,000 sq feet, you are going to be walking alot!

Inspirational Pics: Magazines. Catalogues. Instagram. Do you have your eye on a certain look or piece from that boutique furniture store in Manhattan?  Avoid the outrageous sticker price, take a pic and shop for it here!

Field Guide: Can’t explore Green Front without it. Don’t forget to pick up a copy once you get here!

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Public restrooms are available in all of the Green Front buildings and can be located using our GF Field Guide map.

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Sales associates are available in each building. For a breakdown of each division associate, view our sales associates directory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! We know it’s overwhelming. But don’t worry, you’re going to find everything you’re looking for. Where you start will be largely dependant on what’s on your wish list. Be sure to grab a Field Guide. It will help you find specific styles and manufacturers. A sales associate can answer any questions and give directions. If you know what you want, then feel free to stride into the building of your choice like you own the place.
Don’t give up! Take a deep breath. We recommend taking a look at our list of manufacturers and styles here. The descriptions can help point you in the direction of the style you are looking for. Our interactive map can then help you find similar styles and before you know it, you’re face to face with the pieces of your dreams. If you’re really stuck, our sales associates can talk you through available options and alternatives.
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