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Something to sleep on: Take nighttime to the next level

Big news here at Green Front Furniture: To accommodate more of your decor and comfort needs, we now offer a variety of mattresses from Kingsdown. Located on the first floor of Building 8, the new sleep area is an inviting, climate-controlled space with high-quality options at all price points.

bedmatch diagnostic system

Through the glass doors and beyond the rows of plush, billowy button-tops, is a designated area with technology to fit your body to the perfect mattress. Three minutes is all it takes to discover your custom fit. The innovative technology of the Kingsdown virtual or in-store bedMATCH® diagnostic system is the first of its kind in the industry. This advanced process gathers your unique physical data, such as height, weight distribution and pressure points, and determines the best mattress for your body.

Moving into mattresses

Kingsdown is the new star at Green Front Furniture, but we still carry other brands like Serta, Stearns & Foster, Organic Mattress Inc., and Posh & Lavish. We are also partnering with Hotel Weyanoke (get your special Green Front rate!), so you can experience the unmatched comfort of Kingsdown mattresses before taking one home.

We are committed to expanding our collections to offer top-of-the-line brands to satisfy our customers.

Hotel Weyanoke Kingsdown Mattress

Hotel Weyanoke + GFF = ZZZs

A historic staple in Farmville providing unmatched hospitality, Hotel Weyanoke is revered for its welcoming luxury. Green Front Furniture is snuggling up with Hotel Weyanoke so you can “sleep on it tonight; buy it tomorrow.” Reserve a room, at the Green Front speciality rate, and experience the comfort and peacefulness of unparalleled restorative sleep on a Kingsdown mattress. After waking refreshed and energized, drop by Green Front Furniture to order that same dreamy mattress. It has never been easier to create a luxury hotel vibe in your home.

Why Kingsdown is different

Kingsdown, a sleep innovation leader with a legacy of comfort, is a remarkable brand. From acute attention to every detail to customized fit, Kingsdown’s unrivaled technology is available in-person at Green Front Furniture. To accommodate health and safety measures, finding a perfect match is still possible with a virtual bedMATCH® questionnaire available on the Kingsdown website.

Why sleep is important

When it comes to sleep, many factors determine if you’re getting what your body needs to function properly. Medical conditions, environment, age and lifestyle all play major roles in sleep quality. But your mattress is square one. Terry Cralle, Den’s mom, is a registered nurse specializing in sleep health and wellness. The importance of sleep cannot be overstated, she says. Simply put, sleep (or the lack of it) has a profound impact on your physical and psychological health, well-being and quality of life. Some benefits of sufficient, quality sleep are:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved brain performance
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved focus, productivity and problem-solving
  • Less inflammation

Den, his mom, and the entire Green Front Furniture family are passionate about improving sleep quality. Our priority is to provide you with mattresses and customer service that not only exceed expectations but also deliver dream-worthy results. For more information on sleep health and research, hop over to TerryCralleRN.com.

Choosing your mattress

Cushioning isn’t the only key to comfort. Quality materials also bring comfort. Kingsdown mattresses feature ultra-soft natural materials with moisture-wicking qualities. Their Vintage collection offers an elegant hand-quilted and tufted damask cover finished with double cross-stitching. Add in the multiple layers of specially formulated latex foam and tri-zoned, individually wrapped coils, and a good night’s sleep is built right in.

By separating their collections by mattress type, Kingsdown has made it easy to tackle mattress shopping. Four Kingsdown collections are available at Green Front Furniture.

1. Sleep To Live

With a mattress engineered for unique, side-by-side personalized comfort, you will wake up refreshed. Sleep To Live features an independently wrapped coil system, specially formulated foam encased in specialized fabrics and a gel-infused lumbar band offering optimal, edge-to-edge support for individualized comfort.

Kingsdown Sleep To Live cross section

2. Vintage Collection

Refined and elegant, the Vintage Collection is the crown jewel of the Kingsdown brand. Luxuriously handcrafted with the finest materials and infused with innovative sleep technology to contour and support your body, a Vintage Collection mattress delivers the restorative sleep you dream of. The breathable, tufted damask cover is moisture-wicking for cooling, pressure-relieving comfort. Latex foam provides resilient support, and Kingsdown Airflow technology lets you sleep at your perfect temperature with unmatched air circulation.

Kingsdown Vintage Collection

3. Passions

A revitalizing night’s sleep is a wink away with the Passions collection. The Fresh Comfort® quilt is crafted with cooling gel fibers and quilting foam to regulate body temperature. Firm lumbar support and tri-zoned wrapped coils provide side-by-side comfort, while the undetectable foam divider reduces motion transfer when switching positions during the night.

Kingsdown Passions Collection

4. Prime

Comfort and value all wrapped into one. Not only is the Kingsdown Prime mattress infused with cooling gel technology and quilted comfort fabric, but it also boasts a multilevel, edge-to-edge coil system that provides pressure relief and support. From firm to plush, Prime’s innovative design, quality and features add up to an exceptional value for a mattress with a superior, consistent sleep surface.

Kingsdown Prime Collection

Den’s pick: “It’s Gonna Be Blue”

When our own Den tested the bedMATCH® diagnostic system, he ended up in the “blue” category and was paired with his perfect match from the Vintage Collection: A beautifully handcrafted king mattress with an adjustable base. What’s your color? Come to Green Front Furniture to experience match-making in sleep heaven.

Kingsdown Blue Category

Adjustable bases

Kingsdown also has several adjustable bases for the best foundation for quality sleep. These bases offer an endless number of head, back and foot positions.

Delight Adjustable Base
With an ultra-low profile and the lightest steel frame available, the Delight Adjustable Base has an airy footprint with personalized adjustable comfort. Compatible with Google+ and Alexa, this base provides a three-pulse massage with a timer, under-bed lighting, a USB hub, emergency lowering and battery backup.

Body Motion Adjustable Base

A new mattress, a new bed, a new you

Bring home a new bed with your new mattress
Green Front Furniture has your back when it comes to completing the look you envision in your bedroom. Beautiful choices ranging from the traditionally elegant to modern simplicity to rustic comfort or even standard, metal bed frames, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to pair with your new mattress.

Comfortable compliments
Don’t forget the pillows! Packaged in a chic, patterned cylinder, Kingsdown’s smart pillow-in-a-pillow design gives you choices in comfort. You can use both pieces for firm support or one for softer comfort. The gel-infused fiber fill feels like down but offers breathability with the 300-thread count, moisture-wicking cotton shell.

A quality night’s sleep can start your day off right, so get the sleep you deserve with a Kingsdown mattress. Green Front Furniture and Kingsdown have made it simple to choose a custom mattress and bed to fit your body and your style.

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