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Story of Green Front Furniture

Our Story

Small-town, big world. At Green Front, you’ll find the best of both. Visit us for a day or a weekend, and bring the adventure home.

At Green Front Furniture, we love to search for special items that show personality and style. For years, we’ve been traveling great distances to find world-class rugs, furniture, and accessories. The love of the journey is a part of who we are, and a part of every item we offer.

Green Front Furniture treasures both a beautiful home and a grand adventure. We’re located in downtown Farmville, VA, right by the Appomattox River. Our story began when Richard F. Cralle Sr. bought Green Front Grocery.  Richard passed the store down to his son, Dickie, who switched from dry goods to home goods, and Green Front Furniture was born.

Dickie Cralle created relationships with suppliers both domestic and all around the world. As a result, Green Front is the perfect place for those who want their homes to reflect their style. We offer the highest quality imported rugs and furniture available on the East Coast.

Our small-town values and commitment to quality have helped us grow from our humble beginnings. We now fill four former tobacco warehouses and six main street storefronts. Come visit us to start your own adventure, where you can spend hours winding your way through our warehouses in search of that perfect find. We won’t bother you as you look, but we’ll be there when you’re ready to bring the adventure home.


The Green Front Difference

Tucked into the heart of Virginia, you’ll find a furniture store that stands out from the crowd. World-class, unique furniture, rugs, and accessories at affordable prices. Your adventure awaits!

Call of the Wild

Choose your own adventure in our thousands of feet of showroom space

Shopping at Green Front is an unforgettable experience. It has more in common with a scavenger hunt at the Smithsonian than it does with the typical trip to the local furniture store.

Massive brick warehouses, towering piles of rugs, mazes of furniture—Green Front is a vast, unchartered territory waiting to be explored. Row upon row of lights gleam down on home furnishings and accessories.

The air is thick with the smell of leather, wood and dust. Brace yourself for a pilgrimage into the pulsating heart of Green Front Furniture, where your perseverance will  be put to the test. Your expedition will be primarily self-guided. Independence and tenacity are required.

“I enjoyed the excitement of hiking through the warehouses and discovering that special piece.”

Destination: Farmville

An unexpected location with incredible finds

A trek to Green Front winds you through gently rolling farmland and past acres of thick forests. Green Front is the centerpiece of Farmville's historic downtown, criss-crossed by the High Bridge Trail and the slow flowing Appomattox River. Despite our small town charm, Green Front offers rugs and furniture typically found only in Los Angeles and New York. Our unique business model, remote location and no-frills presentation bring our prices to well below retail, ensuring your journey here will be worth the gas, missed turns, and extra miles.

“I love going from building to building to find a treasure. I never leave without buying something. I also love having lunch at one of the local cafes.”

Go Global

Styles from every corner of the world for every room of your home

Feel the rich texture of hand woven rugs, the cool smoothness of a marble-top table and the soft give of a sofa handcrafted in North Carolina. Smell the exotic spice of a carved altar and the sharp scent of a leather ottoman. Whether its rugs from Iran, baskets from India or furniture made right here in the United States, we bring a world-sized selection into one incredible location.

“The selection is awesome. You can find things there that you won't find anywhere else.”

“There is nothing like Green Front...it is a treat to be surrounded with so many and such differing styles.”

Define Yourself

Bold looks to capture bold lives

You are unique. Your style is formed by a rich and vibrant life. Your home is the ultimate reflection of all that is most essentially you. It is a place to express your love of beauty. We speak your style at Green Front. Understated beiges or fiery oranges, modern chic or ornamental antique, plush chair or spare bench, we have what speaks to you. Listen closely and you can hear it. Just around that corner or at the end of that row, your style is calling.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals who help make shopping
at Green Front such a unique and rewarding experience.

Richard Crallé

Richard “Dickie” Crallé, owner of Green Front Furniture, inherited the store from his father.  Richard Crallé Sr. originally owned a grocery store on Famville’s Main Street, Green Front Grocery. He decided to buy an adjacent store and stock it with inexpensive and promotional furniture, and thus Green Front Furniture was born.

Dickie worked at Green Front during high school. He remembers collecting payments of $4 or $5 and making local furniture deliveries around Farmville. He also began installing wall-to-wall carpet on the side. A graduate of Hampden-Sydney College, Dickie officially took Green Front Furniture over in the 1960s. He soon bought Building #1, a century old building that had most recently housed a hardware store. It was Dickie’s first independent venture, one which he undertook while also running the Red Lion Bar across the street.

Dickie quickly changed Green Front's direction from selling promotional furniture items to offering higher quality items with a lower markup than traditional retail. Dickie learned to buy and ship goods directly to save customers money. He paid cash wherever he could to avoid debt. And he did something virtually no one else was doing at the time—travelling straight to the source to select and purchase handcrafted, high end rugs and furniture from all over the world. Dickie has built relationships with suppliers from North Carolina to Indonesia so that Green Front can offer the highest-quality rugs, furnishings, and home decor at astoundingly low prices.

Den Crallé

Richard “Den” Cralle III currently serves as the president of Green Front Furniture. Den received a degree in General Business from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University after attending Woodberry Forest School in 2009. He serves on the board of Farmville Downtown Partnership. Den spends his time deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of the fifty-year-old business, modernizing and streamlining operations, conducting buying trips overseas, as well as continuing to strengthen ties with the local Farmville community. In his free time, Cralle enjoys traveling and honing his photography skills.

Dianne Cunningham

Dianne Cunningham partnered with Dickie Cralle to launch Accessories, Inc., Green Front’s exclusive home decor and accessories store located in Buildings 5, 15, and 16, along with a Clearance Center in Building 12 known as the Boneyard. Dianne is responsible for choosing unique items from all around the world to complement Green Front’s hand-crafted, high-quality furniture. Accessories, Inc. was founded on the idea that accessories, home decor, accents, and furnishings for the home should be exceptional in comfort, style, and quality. Dianne travels abroad to India, Vietnam, China, and the Philippines three to four times a year to find the perfect accessories for your home.

Dianne, who grew up in the area, went to college at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. She majored in economics and chemistry, but returned to work at Green Front when she was offered a job. Using an eye for design she didn’t realize she had, Dianne helped establish Green Front’s now-booming business with imported rugs. When Accessories, Inc opened its doors in 1987, she used her now-seasoned eye to find home accents and home decor. Married with three children, Dianne has been working with Green Front for 33 years, and has a daughter, Colby Cunningham, who works in Green Front’s Human Resources division. Her dedication and eye for design bring inspiration and style to Green Front and to your home.

In Memory of John Wingo

John R. Wingo, Jr., a pillar of Green Front Furniture, died August 14, 2018 at age 60. John was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, friend and boss. He was just 45 days shy of devoting 41 years to Green Front, a Furniture Today Top 100 Furniture Stores designee, and a company he truly believed in and loved.

"John embodied servant leadership here at Green Front. No task was too small or too large. From buying trips in England to plowing the parking lots after a snow, John was willing to do it all. " says Richard F. "Den" Cralle, III, shareholder and son of founder Richard F. Cralle Jr. "He was a mentor and a rock to many at Green Front, including myself. He will be sorely missed."

In addition to his passion for Green Front, John enjoyed fishing, hunting, camping, riding his motorcycle and rooting for the Redskins. In his early years, he was a private pilot and also enjoyed skydiving. He was also a volunteer firefighter for the Farmville Fire Department.

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated individuals who help make shopping
at Green Front such a unique and rewarding experience.