About Green Front Furniture

How We Became One of the Top Furniture Resellers in America

In the mid-1960’s, when Richard Cralle first took over the operations of his father’s relatively new business venture, he quickly changed Green Front’s direction from selling promotional furniture items to offering higher quality items at a lower markup than traditional retail. And the incredible success of Green Front was well on its way.

Green Front Building

Four decades later, Green Front Furniture has grown considerably and now fills twelve massive warehouses wall to wall, floor to ceiling with traditional furnishings and eclectic treasures from around the world. Indoor and outdoor furniture, rugs and accessories for every room in the house are all here; the most respected manufacturing names in the industry nestled beside unique artisan creations from around the world.

Cralle and other Green Front buyers go directly to the source, whether that source is here in America or a tiny Indonesian village, to find the highest quality for the very best price. The result? A burgeoning, overflowing treasure chest of furnishings for your home, twelve rustic warehouses full, at a price you’ve only dreamed about.

Becoming Green Front

Richard Cralle

Green Front got its start in the mid 1960’s when owner Richard Cralle, fresh from college, was given the task of overseeing operations of this relatively new business venture by its current owner, his father. At that time, Green Front specialized in promotional furniture, but young Cralle quickly realized he would be better able to grow the company by offering higher quality items at a lower profit.

He learned to buy and ship goods directly to save customers money. He paid cash wherever he could to avoid debt. And he chose a location that was more rustic than ornate–twelve massive tobacco warehouses acquired with the help of the city of Farmville–that was still large enough to showcase his international finds as they should be.

And slowly, but very steadily, Green Front grew into the inarguable success story it is today.

Twelve warehouses now beckon to customers up and down the East Coast and across the nation, crammed full of stunning Oriental rugs and middle- to high-end, mostly traditional furnishings–from all corners of the globe. Prices discounted up to 60%, highly respected brand names, superior (but pressure-free) customer service, and unique finds from some of the world’s most inconspicuous places–these all add to the Green Front appeal. Word, over the years, has spread relatively quickly, to make Green Front one of the nation’s top 100 furniture resellers. And all with very little advertising. Just word of mouth, an excellent reputation, and a love for an honest deal.