Farmville Economy & Demographics

Long ago, Farmville was known for tobacco and railroads, both of which are gone now, however, the Town is still bustling amid the changes. The once tobacco warehouses are now used as retail spaces in downtown Farmville and the railroad that once ran through here, is now home to High Bridge State Park.

Today, new businesses are springing up throughout the town, capitalizing on the dynamic quality that Farmville possess as a college town and as an economic hub for central Virginia. As central Virginia’s center for economic activity, Farmville’s current service area captures a population of approximately 120,000, more than the total population of most (32 out of 39 or 82%) of the Commonwealth’s cities.

In 1996, Farmville’s retail sales were $332 million. In 2006, retail sales skyrocketed to $528.8 million. This kind of trend continues today and should for some time.

Demographics of Farmville & Surrounding Areas

Downtown Farmville VA

Town of Farmville
Area 6.6 Sq. Miles
Population 6,845

Cumberland County
Area 292 Sq. Miles
Population 7,825

Prince Edward County
Area 357 Sq. Miles
Population 19,720

*based on 2000 U.S. Census Data

The Town’s most recent population numbers, according to the 2000 U.S. Bureau of Census, is 6,845. While many towns have experienced a decrease in population, the Town of Farmville’s population increased 5.2% from the 1990 to 2000 Census. The most recent population estimate for the Town of Farmville was in July 1, 2004 with an estimated 7,011 total population.

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