Rug Styles

At Green Front, we believe a rug says a lot about who you are. No other single item adds as much character and personality to a room as a rug. A rug anchors any room and sets the tone and ambience effortlessly. A rug can even say a lot about utility. Fluffy rugs call for naps by the fireplace, while a bright, low-pile rug sets the mood for an energetic work space.

From the saturated hues of an overdye to the gently worn warmth of a vintage piece, our rugs can complete any room in your home.

A traditional rug can anchor an industrial living room. You can place an abstract piece underneath a traditional Henkel Harris dining table.  We have the rugs to create the look you want.

Items shown may or may not be in stock. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, or to request more information.