Timeworks began with three brothers and an idea – to create a line of historically authentic clocks, which would be both affordable and functional.

Timeworks clocks are made individually, by hand – most of them at our factory in Berkeley, California. They use the finest components available – solid, hand-antiqued brass for cases and pendulums, die-cut steel hands with time-worn patinas and beautifully finished frames. Their quartz clock movements are the finest obtainable to ensure reliability and trouble-free service.

For more than a decade, their product line has grown from 5 products to more than 100, with each season’s collection more interesting, innovative and original than the ones before.

Timeworks pieces can be found in our d location in Building #5, as well as in our Raleigh, NC store.

Where to Find at Green Front

Farmville, VA

Raleigh, NC

On Sales Floor

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