Shifman Mattresses

Shifman Mattresses

Who is Shifman Mattresses?

Family-run since 1893, Shifman Mattresses takes pride in its New Jersey roots. Started by brothers Abraham and Samuel Shifman, the company is committed to superior standards of quality, excellence, and integrity. Shifman Mattresses has distinguished itself by staying true to exceptional craftsmanship. Every part of the production of a Shifman mattress goes beyond standard practices. From design to materials, Shifman manufactures “the finest handmade mattresses in the world.” 

Shifman Mattresses at Green Front

Among the most comfortable and longest-lasting in the industry, Shifman mattresses are built for sleep. Breathable, natural materials like cotton make for cool, comfortable support. Exclusive models offer hand tufting, design accents, and luxury materials like New Zealand wool, alpaca, horse hair and cashmere. For extended comfort and durability, Shifman is one of the few manufacturers that produce two-sided mattresses that can be flipped to extend life. Explore the options at Green Front. 

Why Choose Shifman Mattresses?

With an unwavering dedication to building the world’s best-handcrafted mattresses and box springs, Shifman’s world-class artisans employ techniques that endure the test of time. Each mattress is crafted with eight-way, hand-tied box springs that conform to the natural contours of the body, maximizing comfort and absorbing weight for the ultimate sleeping experience. Additionally, each premium mattress is hand tufted with Shifman’s exclusive Sanotuft® technique. This smooth, buttonless tuft, hand-sewn from top to bottom, locks every layer in place to alleviate shifting and bunching, keeping your mattress comfortable for years.

Shifman Mattresses offers undeniable comfort, superior support, and a remarkably durable bed, providing a dream-come-true sleep experience that you’ll look forward to every night.

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