Pawleys Island Hammocks

Pawleys Island Hammocks

Today, The Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock® is sold around the world.

The Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock® is knitted using the highest quality materials. Their craftsmen create symmetric patterns and lend a touch of art to their unique and interesting craft. Once the hammock body is woven, it is connected to strong plaited ends and then strung through the oak stretcher bars. Nautical bowline knots attach the ends to the body of the hammock.

Rope Hammocks

A hot trend in outdoor comfort found everywhere you look today is neither new nor splashy. It is the traditional rope hammock. No other piece of outdoor furnishing can provide the comfort that a hammock does with its ‘floating on air’ design.

The comfort of a hammock is found in the construction of the hand woven rope that hugs the body providing overall relaxation. Major advancements in the comfort of ropes have taken place with a trend toward softness while continuing to be durable in the outdoors. Nothing feels as good on a lazy afternoon than the body-hugging lounging found in a hammock of soft rope design. The pages in the book will fall away as naptime will ensue. Ahhhhh.

Fabric Hammocks

Durability is the goal of all outdoor leisure products. In a hammock, these include everything from the hanging chain to the materials to make up the bed of the hammock.

Zinc plating over heavy duty steel is preferred for long hammock life in the outdoors. This durable finish keeps the installation of the hammock safe as well as long lasting. The trend in ropes or fabrics for outdoor durability include designer materials like DuraCord®, that can withstand the elements while also being easy to clean with a bleach and water solution.

Low maintenance is a priority in outdoor products year round leaving more time for enjoying relaxing afternoons with loved ones curled up next to you.

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