Lilly Pulizter

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer designs every print and pattern in their print studio, starting each season with a color palette (color is yes, always bright and spill-proof) and developing prints and patterns that bring the brand to life. Their designers sketch, draw, marker, watercolor, and block print every tid-bit of the line. It’s all original artwork, and we make sure to carry on their tradition of hiding LILLY in every print.


The Lilly Pulitzer company finds inspiration everywhere. From traveling to Palm Beach, visiting museums, strolling through gardens and hopefully spending days on the beach…the print team is constantly exploring and painting. It is unheard of to have a team of artists on-hand…and that is exactly why we do it! We love our prints and treat them like royalty.


Once they set the color and theme for the season, their print team starts creating. It is a true artists dream. Paint is flying! As they finish each print, they hang them on one big long wall. After a few weeks of pure creative energy, and a lot of editing they choose our favorite prints for the season.

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