Home Decor Types

At Green Front we realize the importance of details to make a room and set a vibe. A beautifully decorated home is all about the small (or not so small) touches. You’ve made the big choices, choosing furniture, rugs and paint color. Now it’s time to make your vision come to life with carefully chosen pieces of home decor.

From framed art to mirrors to pillows, Green Front has the most unique collection of stunning decor and accessories imaginable. Decor highlights the true beauty of space, bringing attention to vignette shelves or creating a focal point with a well placed mirror.

Come explore our selection of home decor pieces and curate the final touches that will complete the masterpiece that is your home. Use these pages to map your next visit to our home decor stores or to enquire about the availability of a manufacturer or specific item.

Items shown may or may not be in stock. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, or to request more information.