Green Front owner and son return from another India trip, buying huge (unprecedented) quantities of rugs

Green Front Owner Dickie Cralle and his son Den spent two weeks in Turkey and India over the holidays buying huge containers of oriental rugs.

Many of the world rug buyers are pulling out of the market because of economical reasons and leaving their orders on the looms and at the mills. Mr. Cralle purchased this remaining inventory to bring back to the rug warehouses in Farmville, Manassas and Raleigh at extremely low prices.

Many of these rugs can be seen in popular catalogs, magazines and design centers across the country, and now is your chance to purchase them at UNBEATABLE prices. Green Front has over a million oriental rugs in stock with inventory arriving weekly!

Read about the trip from the perspective of Den Cralle, the owner’s son

*UPDATE* The rugs have arrived! Read more and view the photos

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