A bedroom can be just a bedroom, but we want to give you the tools to make it truly yours. Rooms have the opportunity to create a mood, set a scene and inspire emotion. You have the power to change your room to fit your needs. From the calm of a softly-lit reading room to the bright, vibrant energy of a kitchen, to the refined elegance of a bedroom, a well-decorated room can take you on a journey within the walls of your own home.

Don't overlook the opportunity to transform even the most mundane parts of your home, even transitional spaces like hallways and entryways. These details truly make your home special and show YOUR style.

Whether you’re looking to arrange a comfortable but traditional living area, create a quiet retreat for a bedroom or assemble an outdoor oasis for your patio, Green Front has each room of your home covered perfectly. Our unparalleled selection of furniture, rugs and home decor empowers you to make your home a true expression of yourself.

Remember, you don’t have to “finish” a room. Continually add and subtract depending on your mood.  Green Front is always getting in new items.  Adding a new piece here or there to an existing room will freshen it up. Whether you are updating, completely redecorating or starting from scratch, you’ll find what you need at Green Front. We provide you with the selection and prices to meet your evolving tastes and stay in budget.  Feel free to express yourself through your home!

Items shown may or may not be in stock. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, or to request more information.