The Rachael Ray Home line offers three distinct collections that each reflect Rachael’s signature laid-back style and casual beauty. The Highline, Soho and Upstate collections all feature a variety of sofas, chairs, bedroom pieces and accent furniture. The Highline collection is a tribute to the heart of New York City and celebrates a chic, sleek aesthetic. Her Soho collection embraces more of a bohemian vibe, reminiscent of the famous neighborhood, with plenty of retro, mid-century modern influences added for good measure. The Upstate Collection brings a homey vibe of lived-in elegance and glamour.

Each Rachael Ray Home piece is made to be functional, durable and beautiful.
Whether it’s the bold, modern lines of the Highline collection, or the more rustic, warm feel of the Upstate pieces, the Rachael Ray Home collection has something to suit every lifestyle and taste.