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Easy Reading: Design Expert Elaine Reeder Shares Insider Tips
June 14, 2016
Elaine Reeder, the interior designer for the stunning Southern Traditions Homes at this year’s Richmond Homearama at Hallsley, is no stranger to the warehouses of Green Front Furniture. Reeder is an expert in creating stylish, beautiful interiors using Green Front’s home decor selection. Here are a few of her best tips and tricks for creating […]
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Four Simple Steps for Seriously Stylish Design
June 14, 2016
Dawn Wolf, a Richmond based interior decorator and designer, is the woman behind the interior of the HomeSmith house at this year’s Richmond Homearama. She shared a few simple, but high impact ways to duplicate the stylish design you’ll see at this year’s model homes. After reading this blog, consider visiting her stunning work in […]
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Santa Fe Loft: Big City Meets Big Sky With the Southwestern Furniture Style
January 19, 2016
What do you get when you combine the rugged beauty of New Mexico ranch life, the modern, chic lines of a big city highrise and some unique, hand-crafted accessories? The effortless sophistication of the Santa Fe Loft look from Green Front, that’s what. This gorgeous look blends spicy southwestern furniture flair with cool, modern influences. […]
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Where The Magic Happens: Green Front Gears Up for Domotex
January 15, 2016
Off to Germany hunting for #rugs #Domotex #edc #greenfront #greenfrontfurniture #interiordesign #homedecor #rhodia #canadagoose #fieldnotes #smythson #ragandbone #norseprojects #momentlens #design #everydaycarry #essentials #adventure # #carrysmarter A photo posted by Green Front Furniture (@greenfrontfurniture) on Jan 14, 2016 at 3:20pm PST Los Angeles. New York. Farmville. If you don’t think a small town in Virginia belongs […]
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Find Your Groove: Eclectic Furniture For The New Year
January 11, 2016
Antique Chest $795 As a new year rolls in, many of us are eager to break out of old habits, patterns and ruts. GF Eclectic, a brilliant new showroom in the basement of Green Front’s Building 9 provides the perfect resource to recharge your surroundings with pops of style, color and dimension. Each piece of […]
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Nuevo Wave: New Line Brings Fresh Looks to Green Front
December 4, 2015
Stepping just inside Green Front’s Building 10, you may think for a minute you’ve taken a turn into someone’s downtown loft apartment. A coat of white paint highlights the texture of the exposed brick walls. Panels of corrugated tin and glinting rows of vintage lights twinkle off the crystalline points of gilded mirrors. A soft […]
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Green Front’s New White Room Showcases Rug Masterpieces
November 17, 2015
The Louvre and the marbled halls of the National Gallery in D.C.- what do these majestic spaces have in common with a rug showroom in small-town Virginia? Each of them expertly displays beautiful pieces of art. In Green Front’s newly created White Room, part of a larger remodeling effort of Building Four, there are no […]
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5 Indian Animals Who Can’t Even Right Now
October 28, 2015
Being an animal is hard. But being an animal AND a fabulously popular motif in southern Asian furniture and decorations is even harder. During a recent trip to India, the folks at Green Front Furniture noticed that a few of these intriguing creatures really seemed to be at their breaking point. Let’s face it, the […]
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Building #7 Rug Sale
September 1, 2013
Take 10% off Indian Rugs and 20% off Pakistan Rugs in Building 7 of Green Front Furniture (Farmville) for a limited time! Learn more about Green Front’s oriental rugs and see more photos
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