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Persian Perfection: Rugs Complete Long Journey to Green Front
September 22, 2016
For the first time since a 2011 trade embargo halted their importation to the United States, Persian rugs are back in the Green Front showrooms. Although the embargo officially ended earlier this year, it’s taken months for the rugs to complete the final leg of their belabored journey. However, as these gorgeous works of art […]
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The Wait Is Over: Persian Rugs Return To Green Front
April 11, 2016
Green Front is synonymous with many things for many people. Some think quality, some think selection, but almost everyone thinks Persian rugs. And for good reason. Over the years, Green Front has meticulously cultivated its reputation as being one of the foremost outlets on the East Coast for timeless Persian rugs. They’ve been offering their […]
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Domotex for YOUR Domicile: Five Rugs to Suit Your Style
August 21, 2015
The massive convergence that is Domotex may have ended months ago, but at Green Front the finds and fun are just starting to arrive. If one thing can be said about this multinational show, it is that there truly is something for everyone. No matter what your personal style may be, Domotex and Green Front […]
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Oriental Rugs: Breaking Through the Stereotype
June 13, 2014
To some, the word oriental rug conjures up images of jewel-toned, floral design rugs, but at Green Front, our varied collection breaks out of this stereotype to include an array of transitionally styled pieces.  By definition, an oriental-style rug is a rug that comes from the “Orient” (East), so essentially oriental rugs are hand-knotted or […]
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One-of-a-Kind Wool Rugs from Turkey
April 26, 2014
Introducing Green Front’s collection of one-of-a-kind wool rugs from Turkey. These beautiful, vintage treasures are priced 75% less than the price of other retailers, and range in size from 3X6 up to 6X11. Come see the entire collection in Building #1 at the Farmville location.
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Green Front Owner’s Son Travels Overseas for Massive International Flooring Trade Fair
February 19, 2014
A Perspective By Richard (Den) Cralle, Son of Green Front Owner Dickie Cralle Last month I traveled to Hannover, Germany for the Domotex international rug and flooring expo. Although primarily a learning experience, it was also a chance to buy rugs without my father’s supervision. It proved to be a tremendous opportunity to engage in […]
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New Shipment of Afghan Rugs
April 1, 2013
Here’s just a sampling of the new Afghan rugs that have just arrived in Farmville. Beautiful, colorful, and elegant! Find more rugs here.
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New Rug Arrivals
February 28, 2013
Our Rug Department just received a 40 ft. container direct from India.  We’ve added hundreds of new rugs to our inventory from the best classically designed pieces to all the latest looks in transitional and modern rugs. Take a look at all the new rug arrivals! [portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=disabled navpos=top size=large autoplay=true] See more of Green Front Furniture’s rugs.
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Rug Buying Trip, Part 2: Images of India
February 5, 2013
With a tight rug buying schedule, any sightseeing is done from the back seat of a speeding car as we travel from one village to the next. Visiting the rug making region of India is like stepping back into time. People live very much like they did centuries ago. In the villages, fast food for […]
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Preview Rugs from Latest India Buying Trip & Rug Making 101
January 15, 2013
Green Front’s Ashley Cooper recently traveled all over India on the latest rug buying trip to select an extraordinary assortment of oriental rugs and accent carpets from 30 different vendors.  As always, Green Front negotiated great deals on the merchandise to bring you spectacular hand-knotted rugs at truly affordable prices. Thousands of rugs were ordered; preview rugs here: [portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=disabled navpos=top […]
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Huge Shipment of Oriental Rugs Unloaded at Green Front
September 6, 2012
Green Front’s best single shipment of oriental rugs has arrived!  These rugs were all hand selected by owner Dickie Cralle on his rug buying trip last Christmas. Remember, Green Front has over a million oriental rugs in stock with the best selection and prices you will find anywhere — including the best inventory of Persian […]
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New Shipment Including Flat Weave Soumak and Hand Knotted Rugs
June 23, 2012
A new rug shipment of oriental rugs from India has just arrived in Farmville, Building #1! The container of new merchandise is being unpacked right now and includes a large selection of Indian flat weave Soumak (Sumac, Sumak) rugs as well as hundreds of hand knotted pieces. And we have yet another container on the […]
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Brand new rug shipment has arrived from latest buying trip in India
March 18, 2012
This is the LARGEST shipment of rugs in Green Front history! These new rugs offer the best selling styles and colors which are difficult to find considering the production of hand-knotted rugs has slowed dramatically. In fact, Green Front purchased the last of the supplier’s inventory. Don’t miss your chance to get one of these […]
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Holidays in India: A New Perspective on Rug Buying
January 31, 2012
By Den Cralle, Son of Green Front Owner Dickie Cralle To spend Christmas at home with family or in the slums of India. For many this would be an easy choice, but I decided to try my luck with some much-needed rug buying experience. My second trip to India was bound to be more buying […]
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Green Front owner and son return from another India trip, buying huge (unprecedented) quantities of rugs
January 24, 2012
Green Front Owner Dickie Cralle and his son Den spent two weeks in Turkey and India over the holidays buying huge containers of oriental rugs. Many of the world rug buyers are pulling out of the market because of economical reasons and leaving their orders on the looms and at the mills. Mr. Cralle purchased […]
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Owner of Green Front returns from India rug-buying trip, keeping prices unbeatable despite rising costs
April 2, 2011
Dickie, the owner of Green Front, just returned from a buying trip to India.  He was able to confirm what our agent has been telling us for months: the price of wool in the market has more than doubled over the last year. However, through skillful negotiations and the power of cold, hard cash, he was able to acquire new […]
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Rug Buying Trip in India
September 13, 2010
Green Front’s Ashley Cooper is in India on a rug buying trip and sending us updates. Here’s the latest… Friday, September 10: Over the last few months, our agent in India has been compiling what he asserts to be one of the most exciting and beautiful collection of rugs he has seen in years. All […]
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Thousands of Afghan and Pakistani Rugs Flood Green Front
March 18, 2010
Someone made a mistake! However, it might work in your favor. Green Front’s middle Eastern rug agent shipped seven container’s of Afghan and Pakistani rugs at once! The containers are arriving daily and we even have some containers backed up just waiting to be unloaded. Thousands of Pakistan and Afghan rugs are on their way […]
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A Million Oriental Rugs at Green Front Furniture!
March 18, 2010
Oriental rugs at Green Front are in stock! Our warehouses are stocked to the brim with the equivalent of five football fields of oriental rugs! Now has never been a better time to buy an oriental rug at Green Front! Other rug dealers have pulled out of the market in India and Pakistan leaving fantastic […]
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