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Performance Fabrics for Spotless Decor

There’s nothing better than an immaculate interior. After all, sometimes you want high end, luxury furniture without the substance – that is, nasty spills and stains. When you have a young family, activities like date night, weekend getaways, and poker tournaments may take a back seat. Luckily, one thing you don’t have to give up is an exquisite sense of style. Green Front’s furniture stores in Manassas, Farmville, and Raleigh have you covered with performance fabrics.

Performance fabrics have easy cleanability, softness, durability and beauty. Kids and pets may make it a challenge to keep furniture fresh and tidy. Take a look at Green Front’s durable offerings.

Crypton performance fabrics

Sunbrella offers UV and fade-resistant fibers that are bleach cleanable. For indoors and outdoors, its pillows, sofas, and chairs are easy for wiping away dirt while retaining color and vibrancy.

Crypton has a wide variety of textures and colors for your style. Plus, it’s made with eco-friendly practices, and uses the latest EPA-reviewed advancements in stain resistance. Wine spills, errant markers – it’s got the toughness to fight messes and stay alluring.

Performance fabrics stand up to tough stains – even red wine!

Outdura makes 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics woven in Hudson, North Carolina that are fade, stain, and water resistant and offered in a range of high-style hues and patterns.

Wearproof and Wearproof Plus are amazingly odor resistant if you’re dealing with particularly pungent pets. Its durable materials surpass industry standards with heavy duty construction.

Discover other performance fabrics from Breathe, Alfresco, Fortress Acrylic, and Inside Out.

There’s no mystery here. Performance fabrics are ready for the challenges of today’s hectic households. Your family comes first, but beautiful furniture can still come a close second with our innovative and environmentally-friendly fabrics.

outdura fabric samples

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