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Nuevo Wave: New Line Brings Fresh Looks to Green Front

Stepping just inside Green Front’s Building 10, you may think for a minute you’ve taken a turn into someone’s downtown loft apartment. A coat of white paint highlights the texture of the exposed brick walls. Panels of corrugated tin and glinting rows of vintage lights twinkle off the crystalline points of gilded mirrors. A soft sheep’s hide is draped effortlessly over an elegant bed frame.

Den at GF District

You haven’t lost your way. You’ve just found GF District. Formerly called Green’s Tavern and filled with hand-carved English bars and stools, the room is taking on the new moniker as a nod to the existing warehouse industrial feel of Green Front’s buildings.

According to Den Cralle who spotted the featured Nuevo Living line at High Point Furniture Market last spring, “The warehouse look compliments the Nuevo line so well. It was already there. We just had to adjust things slightly to get a finished look.” With the tweaking completed and the final pieces trickling in, the new GF District showroom is ready for it’s night out on the town.

While the warehouse providing the updated canvas may have been built over a century ago, the pieces on display are anything but old. They are a mix of mid century and soft modern Scandinavian designs as well as more industrial elements. Live edge tables. Retro chairs. Sputnik Lamps. All these items are subcategories of the Nuevo Living line and look.

“This kind of look is copied a lot,” says Den, “because these are classic designs. You see everyone replicate and slightly adjusting them. Nuevo offers the best quality and cleanest looks of any of this style of furniture that I have seen. Also, I just personally like this aesthetic.”

This line is definitely more trendy than traditional; yet it is an endlessly classic look, ubiquitous on Instagram and in design magazines, and is one Den is excited to see take off at Green Front. “It’s very relevant, a mix and match, outside-the-box sort of style. It’s bohemian, yet still refined. It’s a style that hasn’t typically been associated with Green Front, but we want it to be,” says Den.

Nuevo chair

Den was especially attracted to the wide range of mid-century modern chairs that Nuevo offers. “For some reason, it seems like it’s much easier to find a cool table than a cool chair,” says Den. “But Nuevo has this amazing selection of great, incredibly unique chairs.”

Chairs that, in keeping with the eclectic feel of the showroom, mix and play well with many of the one-of-a-kind tables available throughout Green Front. Nuevo’s mix-and-match versatility is perfectly demonstrated by the Moroccan rugs scattered over the wood floors and the framed vintage French prints hung against the painted brick walls. This borrowing and blending of old and new defines the creative, design oriented Nuevo motif.

Be sure to make GF District in Building 10 a primary stop on your next trip to Green Front for a breath of fresh inspiration. The Nuevo line pieces are going quickly. You’ll definitely want to make a piece of this chic, modern collection your own.

GF District in Building 10

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