Blog • 3 mins • Wednesday November 6, 2019

Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, you may be preparing to open your home to friends and family to share special moments with. While the good company will surely create a warm and loving atmosphere all on its own, putting a bit of extra love into your home’s environment can’t hurt. Here are some of Green Front Northern Virginia’s best tips for enhancing the feeling of togetherness in your home as the holidays grow near.

Green Front Northern Virginia dining room with fall decor

Make Friends and Family the Focus

The holidays are all about sharing moments with your loved ones, and as you entertain guests, your home environment should add to that, not detract from it. A comfortable Hickory White armchair crafted from the finest materials or a soft rug can create a beautiful space that encourages visiting, talking, and being with one another. Furniture crafted and chosen with love promotes a loving ambience to welcome your guests with.

Consider the Layout of a Room

While in your daily life, you might be content with a living room boasting a single sofa facing the TV, the holidays are about spending time with the ones you love. The spaces you entertain in should reflect that. This is the perfect time to invest in cozy armchairs, rugs, and tables that transform your living space into a space for conversation in which your family and friends are the focus.

kitchen with fall decor

Create a Space that Tells a Story

One of the best ways to impress your guests and cultivate a space that they enjoy spending time in is to add furniture items that make your home unique. Interesting conversation pieces sourced from faraway places will go a long way in enriching discussions and inviting your guests to learn more about the space that they love being in. Furthermore, a few well-thought-out accessories can add a lot to the coziness and warmth of any room in the house.

There is no need to go far as you search for those essential items to warm your home this holiday season. Green Front Furniture’s Northern Virginia location offers thousands of carefully curated global pieces right in the metro DC area, and our specialists are well-equipped to help you make the best selections to achieve the atmosphere you would like your home to have. With inventory from a variety of manufacturers including American made brands like King Hickory furniture and Chaddock furniture, Green Front carries fine furniture to enhance every interior. Take the time to travel to our store in Northern Virginia and transform your home for the holidays.

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