Blog • 3 mins • Wednesday April 22, 2015

7 Ways To Go Green At Green Front

Green cars.
Green homes.
Green vacations.

There are more and more ways to be earth friendly. When you shop at Green Front you are going green, too. And, just because your choices are sustainable and eco-smart doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Here are 7 snappy ways to shop green at Green Front, besides the fact that, duh, we have green in our name.

1. Go Natural (Fiber)

Green Furniture at Green Front Jute Rug

Green Front Furniture has more than just wool rugs and wood furniture. We also have plenty of natural fiber furniture and accessories. Kubu rattan barstools. Banana leaf baskets. Jute Rugs. Wicker chairs. All of these are made of natural fibers. Unlike synthetics, natural fibers are carbon neutral and renewable. They are also 100% biodegradable. (Find out more about the benefits of natural fiber at Worldwatch Institute.)

2. Repurpose

Repurposed Butcher's Block Green furniture at Green Front

Once a chopping block always a chopping block? How about a kitchen island instead? This table was imported direct from England and features a reclaimed chopping block.            

Want to buy some repurposed furniture? Check out our English furniture room in Building Eight.  

3. Think Long Term

Red Sofa Green furniture at Green Front

Let’s face it. Furniture from big-box stores just isn’t going to last as long as ours. Because it’s more durable, Green Front’s furniture is also eco-friendly. We offer tables, chairs and bookshelves that are made to last for generations, not just until your next move. 

4. Reclaim

d-Bodhi Dresser Green furniture at Green Front

We offer d-Bodhi furniture, directly imported from Indonesia. D-Bodhi uses salvaged teak from Indonesian homes to build furniture. Instead of burning the old teak, which is known for its durability, local artisans craft them into furniture with an eye to mid-century/industrial design. Not only are you buying clean lines when you buy our d-Bodhi furniture, you’re also taking wood home that already has a full story and giving it a new life. (As a bonus, your d-Bodhi purchase also helps plant new trees through Trees 4 Trees.)

5. Shop Local

Hoskins Creek Table Green furniture at Green Front

Green Front offers furniture from local Virginia and North Carolina-based companies, reducing the energy needed to transport and ship materials to our warehouses. This Hoskins Creek table was made only 75 miles away in Warsaw, Virginia. 

6. Buy Recycled        

Recycled Sari Silk Rug Green furniture at Green Front

This bold rug was made with the material from discarded silk saris. Vintage saris, the traditional garb of Indian women, are unraveled, hand knotted and dyed to create vibrant rugs. The cloth under your feet will have already lived a full and interesting life before starting a new one in your home.

7. Renovate

Green furniture at Green Front

Buying furniture is an easy way to spruce up a home. Renovation and reuse of an existing buildings is almost always greener than building a new one.

Green Front deeply believes in renovation and restoration. We have invested in 15 buildings, renovating tobacco warehouses and storefronts which would likely have gone into disrepair. We recognized the potential in their dusty interiors and have chosen to reinvest in key structures in Farmville’s downtown. 

In fact, we are currently in the process of restoring the facade of Building One and renovating its interior.

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