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The Results Are In: Four Reasons Our Customers Love Green Front

We asked about your Green Front experience and you answered.

Earlier this year, over 600 Green Front customers took our online and print survey. We wanted an unfiltered, insider look at the Green Front visitor experience. And, boy, did you have a lot to say.

We were blown away by how many folks love the unique Green Front shopping experience. They loved Green Front for its miles of showrooms, quaint downtown Farmville location, endless variety and friendly, but not-too-pushy sales staff.

Here is a breakdown of why so many folks already love Green Front. The responses we received were as varied as the visitors themselves, but we’ve managed to distill it down to a few of the highlights.

The final point, Green Front is unlike any other furniture store.

The Variety in the Green Front Experience

green front store overviewOne of the best beloved parts of a visit to Green Front is the wide, almost endless, variety. Whether you’re searching for a rug, lamp, table or chair, you will find a multitude of options.

“There is nothing like Green Front. Home furnishing stores are disappearing and it is a treat to be surrounded with so [many] and such differing styles,” wrote one guest.

The smorgasbord of options and styles has kept people traveling to Farmville and continues to draw them with the promise of items that are unavailable elsewhere.

“The selection is awesome. You can find things there that you won’t find anywhere else,” a guest remarked. And when asked to highlight her favorite part of a trip to the warehouses, this guest summed it up by saying: “I love the variety of items… and the originality of the products. I always come across conversation pieces.”

When you visit Green Front, you aren’t going to find just a few select manufacturers. We carry literally hundreds of brands, including American made brands like King Hickory furniture, Chaddock furniture, and Hickory White furniture in addition to our own direct-import offerings. The options are nearly limitless.

The Venue

downtown farmville green front

Folks couldn’t stop gushing over the beautiful location, the massive warehouses and the charming downtown Farmville community where Green Front is nestled. For the thousands of out-of-town guests, coming to Green Front is more than shopping trip, it is an exciting quest.

As one guest explained: “It is like a big adventure! We love exploring each building not knowing what you might find!”

Customers adored the treasure-hunt feel that is a part of the Green Front experience.

“I love going from building to building to find a treasure. I never leave without buying something,” wrote one guest. “I also love having lunch at one of the local cafes.”

The quaint shops, eateries and picturesque location that surround Green Front steal the hearts of those who come, with many respondents explaining that the location helped make a visit an ideal day trip.

A visitor encapsulated the perfect shopping excursion experience by saying, “I enjoyed the excitement of hiking through the warehouses and discovering that special piece. Then taking a break for lunch. Then doing it again.”

The Value

rug display

Sure, we might carry some of the same manufacturers and you might find some familiar looking rugs, but our industrial look is authentic and helps us keep our overhead and, therefore, prices low.

Visitor after visitor mentioned being surprised that the jaw-dropping quality and massive selection was also accompanied by excellent prices. For one guest, the highlights were simple: “There was a huge selection with good prices. That and the ability to see/feel products in person were the things I most enjoyed about the visit.”

Visitors repeatedly expressed appreciation for the consistently fair prices on one-of-a-kind masterpiece rugs, hand-carved furniture and exquisite accessories.

“It is amazing. I love not knowing what I might find and finding things at bargain prices,” one guest wrote.

Our Sales Staff

When you arrive, you aren’t swarmed by 5 sales people in suits desperate to make a commission. Many of our sales associates have been with Green Front for 10, 15, 20 years. They are experts in their areas and connect you with the manufacturers and pieces that fill both your design and budget needs. Our survey participants overwhelmingly cited the welcoming, knowledgeable staff as one of the best parts of their visits.

green Front Sales Associates Cindy and Julie
Green Front Sales Associates Cindy and Julie

“I really like that the salespeople don’t follow me around or hover [over] me,” one guest noted and many others specifically mentioned the friendliness of the staff. Some were so impressed with the helpfulness and professionalism of the Green Front team that they even mentioned favorite associates by name.

Green Front’s crew have perfected the delicate balance of availability, minus any aggressive sales tactics. A respondent described it by saying, “The staff people are friendly, welcoming and helpful, but not intrusive.”

As Green Front continues to work to make the guest experience at all of its locations the best it can be, it’s clear that many things are already working well. The recent survey provided proof that people love the variety, venue and value at Green Front. But, what seems to shine through the most is the adventure and excitement of the overall visit.

It’s true that the warehouses and miles and miles of discount furniture can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ll be using the survey responses to improve the Green Front experience both online and in person. Our goal is not to change Green Front, but add tools to make it more accessible. (Stay tuned for exciting announcements on how we’ll be doing that.)

Don’t worry. We are proud to offer an experience to our visitors that is unlike any other. And that’s not going to change.

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