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Five Homearama Design Dos and Don’ts from Design Duo, Shannon and Joanna Tootle

Green Front shoppers

Ever feel overwhelmed when you visit Green Front and are faced with thousands of options? Well, we’ve got some sage advice, geared especially to Green Front shoppers, from Shannon and Joanna Tootle, a pair of designers who have brought to life one of this year’s Homearama at Hallsley homes. Plus, you can get a sneak peek of the home they designed.

Green Front Furniture is THE furniture provider for this year’s Richmond Homearama. So, be sure to take the Tootle’s advice and then visit Perkinson Homes at Homerama at Hallsley to see their advice (and hundreds of selections from Green Front Furniture) out in the wild!


1. DON’T fall into coordinated oblivion.

According to Tootle, “My biggest concern is having everything too matchy matchy.”

“Everyone makes that mistake at some point or another,” she adds. A lack of variety can make your space seem boring, or smaller than it actually is.

2. DO mix it up

layered style living room

She recommends mixing modern with traditional styles, antiques with mid-century pieces and solid fabrics with patterns. “This will give your space individuality and visual interest.”

An added bonus? An eclectic look that samples from multiple styles and different time periods is very on-trend at the moment. “More layered, cultured, and eclectic combinations of architecture and design are very in right now. Mix the old and the new, 18th century with 20th, colors, and patterns to achieve this look.”

3. DO try little changes for maximum impact

maximalists living room

You don’t have to launch a floor-to-ceiling overhaul to transform your space. The Tootles emphasize the power of little changes and their ability to make a big impact on a room.

“Simple alterations such as replacing pillows with new patterns and colors, adding a throw, updating a floor rug, for example, change a look instantly.” You can achieve a look that’s on trend but still suited to your space and budget by mixing old with new, and varying colors and patterns – even in small ways.

4. DON’T sacrifice form for function.

green front kitchen

You can have both, say Shannon and Joanna. A space that is beautiful and easy to live in is as simple as making sure there’s plenty of surface space in your most lived in areas.

Shannon and Joanna recommend multiple table surfaces to keep things convenient: “Make sure that there are enough surfaces within arm’s reach of living room seating to hold items such as drinks, books, table lamps and reading glasses.”

5. DO shop at Green Front

Homearama bedroom

Each of the Homearama designers are given a budget to use at Green Front so they’re experts at maximizing the shopping experience at the sometimes dauntingly massive warehouses. At the top of the list, according to the Tootles: start at the clearance and work your way up. They also recommend taking pictures of the furniture you are drawn to, including price tags with furniture codes and measurements. Timing is key, as well. The Tootles say you should expect to spend a minimum of four hours on a visit to Green Front.

Be sure to check out Tootle Designs’ incredible work at this year’s Richmond Homearama. You can contact them directly at or at 804.614.0028


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