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Domotex: Notes from the Field

On January 16th, Den Cralle and Ashley Cooper, arrived in frigid Hannover, Germany for three days crammed with all things rug and floor related. From award winning masterpieces, to hand-knotted creations, to machine-made rugs—you can find it all at Domotex.

Although the Green Front folks may have had to endure a punishing schedule, icy temps and trudging through the snow, you can enjoy the highlights of their trip without ever leaving your seat.

Domotex Day 1 6:30 AM

The group arrives via plane early in the morning, greeted by heavy snow and frigid temps as all tracks lead to the doors of Domotex 2016. The majority of the first day is devoted to getting the lay of the colossal network of buildings and exhibit halls as well as scouting new looks. Den and Ashley have their eyes peeled for new styles Green Front needs to have and that will sell well back in the US. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail and for this determined Virginia contingent, failure isn’t an option.

Day 1 9:52 AM

Delicate colors and rich texture are lit to perfection as these Scandinavian design durries hang in elegant, draped display. With so much to see, the vast quantity and sheer variety might be overwhelming to some. Fortunately, Green Front knows just what they’re looking for.

Day 1 11:00 AM

Den is deeply grateful for his #Moncler down jacket. The energy inside the bustling Domotex exhibit halls may be high and hot, but outside it’s chilly.

Day 1 3:00 PM

Even on “game plan day” the team keeps a sharp eye out for beauties like this intricately designed piece. During their explorations of Domotex, Green Front is accompanied by an agent who helps complete the on-site ordering process using an iPad. The ordering is the first and simplest in a long and complex process. Many of the rugs will take months to be completed and shipped via cargo container straight to building #2 in Farmville.

Day 2 9 AM

Even though day 1 was technically orientation day, there’s a lot to keep track of. All of the buildings are situated around a central plaza. Maps like this one, complete with color coded key, are essential to keeping one’s bearings.

Day 2 10:15 AM

Bright colors and geometric patterns take center stage as vendors expertly flip through piles of carpets and rugs, making sure each creation is seen and touched. For Green Front, day 2 will be focused on scoping out and ordering brilliant and unique Moroccan rugs and flatweaves. The day is rounded out with visits to Green Front’s established vendors to re-stock popular rugs.

Day 2 1:30 PM

Den has a moment with this beautiful and massive silk rug, a study in intricacy and shades of blue. Abstract, high-end silk creations are also on the buying plan for the team today, to be beautifully displayed against the crispness of the White Room back in Virginia.

Day 2 5:45 PM

Rug or work of art? Den takes a quick, quiet moment to admire this beautifully displayed and award winning masterpiece. Domotex presents it’s own awards for various achievements in the industry, such as most innovative, etc.

Day 2 11:00 PM

It’s close to midnight and Day 2 of Domotex is in the books. Soft lights illuminate the freshly fallen snow as the Green Front team makes it way towards rest and refreshment, and prepares to do it all again tomorrow.

Day 3 8:30 AM

Meeting vendors and networking is a crucial part of Green Front’s Domotex experience. Amidst the constant hustle and chaos of the showroom floor, Den chats with Yogesh Chaudhary of Jaipur Rugs.

Day 3 11:15 AM

Another gorgeous example of a hand-knotted rug. Den and Ashley notice that the majority of the traffic and action at Domotex seems to be happening around the machine-made products, while there appears to be less interest in made-by-hand pieces this year. The economy may have something to do with it.

Day 3 3:45 PM

It’s not all rugs, carpets and floor coverings. This station at Jaipur Rugs gives buyers a chance to jot a quick thank you note to the folks who make the magic happen-the rug makers. The Thank a Weaver station is a big hit with the GF team.

Day 3 7:22 PM

The team wraps up their final day with dinner at a local Greek restaurant accompanied by fellow rug buyers from Australia, Turkey and Brazil. The multinational gathering is a perfect end to a whirlwind three-day tour that brought all the best rugs in the world together in one place as well as their designers, sellers and of course, their buyers. Domotex is truly a unique experience and Green Front was once again right at the heart of the action.

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