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Domotex for YOUR Domicile: Five Rugs to Suit Your Style

The massive convergence that is Domotex may have ended months ago, but at Green Front the finds and fun are just starting to arrive. If one thing can be said about this multinational show, it is that there truly is something for everyone. No matter what your personal style may be, Domotex and Green Front have got you covered.

So, which of these five styles best defines you?


The Antiquer

You never met a flea market you didn’t like and you are a pro at sifting through even the dustiest road-side market. This subtly rich masterpiece nails the shabby-chic yet endlessly classy vibe that defines your space. It is the perfect compliment to your cherished collection of vintage treasures.

The Trend Setter

Featured Image - Domotex Rug

You believe style should be fun and larger than life. The colors in this rug are bold and fierce, just like your style. The hand stitched camel detail is both playful and funky, adding a perfect pop of contrast to this fresh and fabulous design.

The Minimalist


Clutter is your mortal enemy and as far as you are concerned the simpler, the better. Your mantra is “less is more” and this rug get’s that. Its monochromatic color scheme and clean lines will be right at home with the simplest of furnishings.

The Globetrotter


You’ve traveled the world (or maybe just hope to) and your space reflects your adventurous spirit. Inspired by the bright colors and exotic views of distant lands, this beauty brings the thrill of traveling without ever having to set foot outside your door.

The Modern Classic

Borrowing from the best of the past AND the present, your style is a marriage of timeless basics with modern twists. This rug embodies that spirit perfectly with its classic pattern and delicate color pallet that lend it a fresh updated feeling.

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