Afghan Rugs

How Can an Afghan Rug Transform Your Interior Space?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect addition to your home’s interior that will unify the space, provide comfort and luxury, and catch the eye of visitors, an afghan rug may be the perfect solution. Green Front has an incredible collection of Afghan rugs in many different styles and sizes, and you’ll be amazed at the powerful transformation a single rug can achieve in your space.

What is an Afghan Rug?

An afghan rug gets its name from the Afghanistan nation, the location where the craft was developed and perfected over the centuries. The natural dyes and weaving traditions featured by Afghani people are unique to this area, and the rugs produced in this region are well-known for their quality and enduring beauty. An afghan rug can come in different sizes, different colors, and different designs, but the common denominator in every product is value and luxury.

What Makes an Afghan Rug so Valuable?

Many consumers who are unfamiliar with afghan rugs. Afghan rugs are almost exclusive made by hand, and many of the rugs for sale in the United States are actually crafted by displaced refugees who have mastered the art of weaving fabric into beautiful floor coverings. The incredible attention to detail and natural vegetable dyes used to make an afghan rug cannot be imitated through machine manufacturing. Each rug is a brightly colored and stylish work of art, and they retain their value over time with proper care.  Green Front has the best prices on Afghan rugs as they import direct and buy in bulk.

If you are looking for a stunning accessory for your home’s interior, afghan rugs can be a timeless treasure that you will enjoy for years. No other accessory boasts the ability to transform a space so completely and amazingly. Browse Green Front’ s large collection of gorgeous afghan rugs today to see why so many consumers are seeking these beautiful rugs.

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