> Month: July 2015

New Van Thiel Showroom is Aged to Perfection
July 21, 2015
Green Front’s new Van Thiel showroom, in the basement of Building 9, gives fresh meaning to the familiar saying, “Everything old is new again.” The showroom features Van Thiel replicas as well as handpicked antique treasures. Den Cralle is excited about the partnership. “Original. Crisp. Van Thiel’s line is helping diversify what we offer in […]
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Green Front Travels Abroad: Searching for Treasures
July 10, 2015
Looking for the latest in furniture and rugs from India? You could can visit Los Angeles, New York or… Farmville. Green Front travels abroad for the items you love! Den’s 10-day trip to India begins as he searches for the latest in rugs and furniture. (It was hot. Do you like his cooling cloth?)   It […]
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Bold, Bright, Beautiful Boucherouite Rugs At Green Front
July 1, 2015
We Are Now Importing Gorgeous Vintage Moroccan Rag Rugs Boucherouite rugs are bold, bright, beautiful and now at Green Front! The story of these vintage Moroccan rag rugs begins thousands of miles away in the mountain villages around Morocco with, of all things, rags. But in the hands of skilled Berber artisans, the rags were destined […]
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