Henkel Harris

Henkel Harris BedroomColor padding is a benchmark characteristic of the Henkel Harris finishing process and consumes over one-fourth of the total finish time on any given piece. This process not only achieves consistency of color but enhances the grain pattern in the wood. Each piece is evaluated for overall color and uniformity and then hand-padded with a colored stain to obtain the desired effect.

Henkel Harris has established parameters of acceptability for color in order to maintain uniformity from piece to piece, however, the individual personality and artistic perceptions of the craftsman will be evident in his or her work. Upon completion of this step, the craftsman will then use independent judgment in hand applying additional finishing material to further add contrast, depth and character to each piece.

Henkel Harris BedroomThis color padding procedure is essential to our reputation for producing one of the finest finishes in the industry. It is time consuming and labor intensive but it is one of the main reasons people can detect a Henkel Harris piece simply by looking at its patina.

The delight of seeing wood carved well is shared by all who know beauty and respect it. At Henkel Harris the traditions of 18th and 19th century craftsmen live on within every piece of furniture we make. Building value, modern function and longevity into a design requires uncommon vision and patience. Whether executed in wild black cherry or mahogany each piece represents Henkel Harris’ commitment to the standards of excellence in balanced form and function, ease of use and graceful signature.

We have endeavored to increasingly include deliberate and robust carvings in many of our new pieces. Whether a simple fluted column or an elaborate cabriole leg. Each carver knows that the Henkel Harris reputation is at stake in the successful articulation of the carving. It is this commitment to treating furniture-making as an art that distinguishes Henkel Harris from other manufacturers.

Henkel Harris BedroomEvery door utilizing glass panes produced by our factory is hand glazed in a special area. Each glass pane is first hand cut from glass stock of perfect clarity. Then, after installation, it is carefully glazed using our special putty with all the work done by hand since no machine can duplicate the sensitivities of the craftsman.

Our drawer construction is a defining statement of sophisticated design and functionality. We start by hand matching all the boards in our drawer fronts to assure perfect grain and color match to its case. Careful cabinetry is evident in the internal solid oak construction. Dovetailed corners and completely sanded, sealed and waxed interior that protects even the most delicate apparel. As a final assurance, the Henkel Harris brand reflects pride and dedication, the culmination of each employee’s individual contribution.

All hardware used on Henkel Harris furniture is made of fine solid brass. Antique fittings made by metalworkers of yesteryear serve as patterns for each design, and the age-old techniques are still employed in the manufacture of our pulls and bails. The molten brass is poured into sand casts and allowed to cool and then polished and trimmed. This results in small imperfections of finish which add charm and authenticity to the hardware and to the furniture it enhances. This time-honored process is captured in these reproduction brass hardware designs selected to complement our finishes.

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