Antiques Are Us: Green Front Hunts for Vintage Treasure in the UK

inspecting china cabinet

Green Front has developed a name for itself in many unique markets around the world but few have quite the appeal of their selection of English antiques and benchmade pieces. That selection is no accident. Green Front buyers make regular trips “across the pond” to scour the English countryside, hand selecting antique and vintage items to be shipped back to Farmville, Virginia. This spring, seasoned veterans John Wingo and Shane Newcombe made the trip. Relying on decades-old relationships forged with dealers in the UK, Wingo and Newcombe spent a few busy but productive days navigating the tiny country roads and villages of rural England. Read on to see some of their best finds.

vintage sign

High color vintage signs like these are always a popular item with Green Front customers. With delicate details and brilliant contrast, metal signage like this is the stuff of antiquing dreams.

English village

Rows of warm brick houses and shops line the streets of quaint English villages. Small towns like these are a common sight for Newcome and Wingo during their whirlwind trips.

antique trunks

A stack of generously sized trunks waits in the corner of an antique shop to be sent to their new home on Green Front’s showroom floor. Over the years, Green Front buyers have developed an expert eye for spotting treasures like these.

copper pots

Copper cooking pots line a gorgeously weathered green bench in this dealer’s shop. Warmth and durability are part of what makes these vintage antiques so appealing.

lion's head door knob

A intricately carved lion’s head door knob is worn smooth by millions of hands and turns. It’s patina is perfectly brought out by the warm, weathered wood behind it.

English breakfast

Even busy folks like Green Front buyers need nourishment. It doesn’t get more classic than this beautiful, and delicious, English breakfast spread. All that’s missing is a spot of tea.

massive wooden chest

A shot gun, ornate plate and rugged iron bowl rest on the sturdy back of a massive chest, hearkening back to days of manors made of stone and massive hearths with crackling fireplaces.

white bread box

Chic and understated, a white lettered bread box rests atop a small wooden table with gorgeous carving. Whether simple and classic, or ornate and detailed, vintage pieces have the ability to capture any style.

wooden crates

Weathered wooden cases stand at attention, their liquid contents long-since used. Classic European liquors are perennial American favorites and what better way to bring it into your home then with these multipurpose boxes?

inspecting a watering can

John Wingo carefully inspects a copper watering can while a dealer looks on. This thorough selection process is what allows Green Front to carry an unrivaled selection of imported vintage and antique wares.


Make sure to check out Green Front’s amazing collection of antique and vintage English finds in Building 8.

Persian Perfection: Rugs Complete Long Journey to Green Front

For the first time since a 2011 trade embargo halted their importation to the United States, Persian rugs are back in the Green Front showrooms. Although the embargo officially ended earlier this year, it’s taken months for the rugs to complete the final leg of their belabored journey. However, as these gorgeous works of art begin to fill out the showroom walls and floors, it’s clear the wait has been more than worth it.

pile of persian rugs

The rugs which arrive via massive shipping containers lay ready for their forever homes. From full-room sized coverings to smaller runners, the rugs come in all shapes, sizes and of course, colors. The ages of the arriving rugs vary as well, including newer and older pieces.

rugs hanging on wall

The term “Persian rug” has become a catchall to describe any pile-woven textile or flat-woven carpet originating in what is now modern day Iran and surrounding areas. This was the part of the world formerly known as Persia and back then, just as today, rug weaving played a huge role in the culture.


Craftsmen use designs in the rug to tell stories and to carry on rich traditions via the choice of color, pattern and motif. The sub categorizations under the term Persian rug are numerous and include anything from bolder more coarse designs found in smaller villages to the more elaborate preplanned style created in the larger more well known rug weaving districts.

den studying rug

Persian rugs and carpets are synonymous with a high degree of quality and artisanship. Many originate from what is called the “Rug Belt” – a chain of cities and towns across Iran. The design and style of a rug is heavily shaped by the village or town in which it originates. Rugs are a way to express regional, and national, pride and identity.

Green Front’s stunning collection of Persian rugs and carpets are hand selected by a dedicated buying agent who travels the heart of Iran’s rug-making centers, picking each one based on uniqueness, quality and craftsmanship.


Although modern civil unrest has created a slight decline in their production, rug weaving remains a crucial part of the local economies. In fact, Persian rugs currently have a better price point than their Indian and Pakistani counterparts.

With such a rich past behind them, not to mention a journey to the states that has taken years, these exquisite rugs are available at Green Front in buildings 1-4. Be sure to come see them today!

Picture This: Photos Bring Buying Trip to India to Life

man resting in rickshaw

There was something different about Den Cralle’s latest visit to India. It wasn’t the 24 hours of delayed flights or catching a vicious stomach flu for a night. For a seasoned international traveler, those sorts of things are par for the course. What made this trip unique was one very compact travelling companion – a Fuji X-Pro2 camera. With this eagle-eyed sidekick in hand, Den was able to capture the detail and essence of the country like never before. Read on to see some of the most stunning moments this dynamic duo brought back and enjoy an adventure deep into the heart of India.

The whirlwind trip included stops in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Varanasi and Bhadohi, a ride on a night train, early AM flights and traffic jams—composed entirely of goats.

goat traffic jam

Jaipur, one of the oldest cities in Northern India, is known as the pink city due to the hue of the buildings. Jaipur is also home to five of Green Front’s biggest rug makers. A major part of the trip involved giving Den and his team the opportunity to get up close and personal with rugs that have been ordered. He inspected them for quality and got a firsthand look at the way they are crafted.

rug detail

“I was really surprised by how un-hindered I was having the camera with me,” Den adds. “I was worried it might slow me down but it didn’t. And having the ability to take these pictures that capture the essence of the places that the rugs and furniture come from made it totally worth it.”

woman in red sari

The rugs are put through an intensive process to prepare them for shipment to the United States, including a gruelling washing using a large wooden paddle.

man washing rug

In Jodhpur, although delayed briefly by a traveler’s stomach flu, Den and company were still able to fit what had been scheduled to be two days of furniture shopping into one day before taking a night train back to New Delhi and catching an early morning flight to Varanasi and Bhadohi.

tribal accent tables

The cities of Varanasi and Bhadohi were some of the most authentic Den visited. Streets were crowded with pedicabs and rickshaws, the prefered methods of transportation for locals.

men in pedicab

This rug is being woven in Bhadoi, a city in the Uttar Pradesh state of India.

wool rug detail

“It was a highly expedited trip,” says Den. “But the fact that I had done it before really allowed me to move quickly and efficiently, maximizing the time that we had.” Still, quiet moments to enjoy the morning paper, like this man, were virtually non-existent. The team had to maintain an exhausting pace throughout the trip.

man reading newspaper

Back stateside once again and with another successful trip to India in the books, Den and the Green Front team can enjoy some well-earned rest. Stay tuned to see the new finds and old favorites filter into the Farmville store soon.


Hot, Hotter, Hottest: Green Front Preps for India Trip to Get New Goods

den cralle with rugs

As temperatures in the South climb to their mid-summer heights and humidity levels peak, Den Cralle and the Green Front team are gearing up for a trip to a place where things are even hotter. Cralle will be making his fifth trip to India, spending 10 days on the vast sub-continent. He will be visiting established vendors to check out new items and re-order popular ones. Cralle will also be connecting with potential new suppliers to keep the influx of Green Front’s trademark unique selection as fresh and varied as possible.

rolled up rugsThe primary focus of the trip is selecting furniture and accessories, which will soon be available in limited quantities online, as Green Front prepares to launch online sales of a small portion of their vast selection.

This will mark Cralle’s second trip to India sans Green Front owner (and Den’s father), Richard Cralle. Richard was the first to initiate the straight-to-the-source style of selection that Green Front has become known for. It is one of only a few furniture sellers in the nation to physically travel to exotic locations to choose items.

“It’s a grueling 10 days in the heat,” says Den. “Lots of bumpy roads and sweltering conditions. You need to be on your game all the time so that you don’t miss a good find. Then, between vendor visits, you have a few moments to decompress before doing it all over again.”

den cralle with rug buyerDespite the physical strain and exhausting pace, Cralle is finding his trips to locations such as India and the Far East are becoming increasingly more familiar. His preparations are more savvy and the expectations are more realistic. At the top of the packing list for this trip is a good camera.

Cralle hopes to capture as much of the gritty brilliance of the rural Indian countryside as possible.

“I’m looking forward to capturing images of not only the products, but the people, the villages, all the things that surround and create the products. A huge part of the appeal of our products is based on the authenticity of the pieces that we hand select,” says Den. “That’s why I’m excited to share my trip with Green Front’s customers. When they purchase a piece, it’s more than just a table or lamp, it has a story and a piece of someone else’s life. There is a world attached to it.”

Stay tuned for more on Green Front’s adventures in India. You can follow Den on Instagram here.


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Green Front Hunts for Gold: Hand Picked Treasures from the UK

stacked pots

On the hit History Channel show American Pickers, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, self described “pickers,” scour the backroads of rural America on the hunt for one-of-a-kind antiques and rarities. At Green Front furniture, Wolfe and Fritz are replaced by John Wingo and Den Cralle and the rural back roads of the United States are replaced by the gray skies and green hills of England. But their mission is the same. Find unique furniture, antiques and decor and get them back to Green Front’s U.S. customers.

John Wingo adding stickers

On their most recent trip, they made a record breaking 13 stops in 2-and-a-half days. The weather was bitterly cold and rainy.

While Frank and Mike might rely heavily on their assistant Danielle who makes connections and researches places for them to pick, Cralle and Wingo have a different secret weapon: John Wingo’s 25-plus years of similar picking trips to the country. Over the years, Wingo has established scores of connections within the antiques and collectibles scene, and with the passage of time, those sources have become key in referring new locations and connections.

Wingo’s first trip all those years ago was facilitated through a friend who already lived in England. “I stayed lost most of the time,” he says with a chuckle.

According to Wingo, GPS has been a lifesaver. He describes the perils of navigating tiny country roads at night with only the help of a map. Not to mention the added challenge of driving on a different side of the road. These days, on-board navigation (Wingo refers to his as “Hazel”), has taken some of the difficulty out of the equation.

Wingo taking notes

And once the various stops are located, there’s no telling where the goods may be stored. Although they visit a few actual retail shops, Wingo has found himself in storage facilities, sheds, garages, even hog barns. Much like their U.S. counterparts, collectors stash their treasures in a host of unique places.

Like the American pickers, the Green Front team is always looking for that special something. Wingo says he particularly keeps an eye out for things that will be useful and that will sell well, though that can be a bit difficult to anticipate. The popularity of various items varies through the years. Recently, antique English safes have been hugely popular with Green Front’s customers and Wingo makes a point to buy any he comes across.

Wingo with long table

The highlights of the trips, for both Cralle and Wingo, are the larger-than-life characters that come with the incredible finds. Eccentric types and rare collectibles seem drawn to each other and, according to Wingo, developing relationships over the years with these individuals has been the ultimate side benefit to the picking trips.

He recalls one gentleman he regularly visited on his trips, who always insisted on giving him a dozen eggs, regardless of the fact that Wingo had nowhere to store them.

“I finally stopped trying to argue with him,” Wingo says, “and just took them and put them in the back of the car.”

Once Wingo and Cralle have finished the picking process, the items are then moved to one of Green Front’s three different packing locations located throughout England to be prepped for shipment to the U.S. The long trip across the pond ends at Norfolk. Next stop: the Green Front warehouses and your home.

So while American Pickers’ Frank and Mike get the glitz and glam of a television crew following them around, Green Front quietly continues to go the extra mile – scouring the countryside to make their rare antique finds available for their customers.

Easy Reading: Design Expert Elaine Reeder Shares Insider Tips

Elaine Reeder, the interior designer for the stunning Southern Traditions Homes at this year’s Richmond Homearama at Hallsley, is no stranger to the warehouses of Green Front Furniture. Reeder is an expert in creating stylish, beautiful interiors using Green Front’s massive selection. Here are a few of her best tips and tricks for creating a home-show-worthy look of your own.

Find Your Inspiration

Finding what speaks to you is essential.

For, Reeder, it’s nature. “This year’s Homearama house is called Nantucket South. It’s our take on coastal farmhouse. My colors are the colors of the sea: grey, blues and greens,” Reeder says. “I was able to find white wood furniture along with grey pieces, like the linen family room sectional at Greenfront.”  

“The blue wicker chairs were a special find,” she adds.

Get Smart about Style

A room can be trendy and modern and still functional and fully lived in.

To get an updated look Reeder recommends classic basic furnishings, like a simple sofa, with added accent pieces in a variety of textures. “Anything with a reclaimed wood look, like farm tables and coffee tables, is very in right now, especially when paired with more modern, clean-lined, pieces,” she says. “Creative storage such as bench seats with storage underneath are great solutions for clutter and can function as additional seating.”

Find a Green Front Friend

Green Front Sales Associates Cindy and Julie

Green Front Sales Associates Cindy and Julie

The number one piece of advice Reeder has for visitors is to rely on the expertise of Green Front’s experienced sales staff who are familiar with the huge selection. Reeder works closely with Hollie Hogan to gather the pieces for Homearama.

“Speak with an associate and let them know what you’re looking for,” Reeder says. “Green Front is a huge place and they can direct you to the right building as well as help locate the specific items you need.” She also suggests a weekday visit over the extreme hustle and bustle of a Saturday.

Make sure to visit this year’s 2016 Homearama at Hallsley to see Elaine’s work. You can find out more about Elaine and Southern Tradition Homes or contact her via email or by calling 804-516-9908.

Four Simple Steps for Seriously Stylish Design

Dawn Wolf, a Richmond based interior decorator and designer, is the woman behind the interior of the HomeSmith house at this year’s Richmond Homearama. She shared a few simple, but high impact ways to duplicate the beautiful looks you’ll see at this year’s model homes.

After reading this blog, consider visiting her stunning work in person. Richmond Homearama runs through June 19.

Turn Up the Volume

Homesmith Family Room

Don’t be afraid to go brighter, bigger and bolder.

“Design trends are taking a turn towards bolder, more eclectic choices: brightly colored accent and draperies, statement mirrors, acrylic, glamorous living rooms,” says Wolf. Fun, varied pieces in a more modern style will give your spaces an up to the minute edge. “Heavy, shiny brass finishes are being replaced with softer versions of un-lacquered and brushed brass,” she adds.

Color Outside the Lines

Homesmith Bedroom

Color is simple choice when it comes to updating a look.

“Paint is always an easy way to update. Allow your decor and not the wall color to be the statement in your space.”

According to Wolf, “Painting an existing piece of furniture with a new pop of color, adding statement accessories and pillows, swapping out an old light fixture, adding a bold rug or draperies are all simple ways to reinvent your space. Have fun and don’t be afraid of color.”

Keep it Clean and Simple

Homesmith Mini-Kitchen

“A simple decluttering can make a huge difference,” Wolf advises.

“Cherished family photos are better displayed in a gallery wall rather than in large groupings on tables. Keep surfaces clear and allow your accents to stand out and make the statement.”

You can extend the streamlined vibe by using creative storage solutions, like built in customized closets, pantries and shelves.

Go Green (Front)

Homesmith Foyer

Area designers like Wolf use Green Front’s massive selections to furnish the gorgeous Homearama homes. If you’re new to the experience, it can be intimidating.

Wolf advises first timers to come prepared when shopping Green Front: “Visiting the many buildings of Green Front can be an overwhelming experience. The more prep-work you do, the better your experience will be. Come with a detailed list of what you need, room dimensions of the space you are filling, a measuring tape and camera.”

Her own personal strategy involves pictures and much needed rest breaks to assimilate. “As I see a piece I like, I take a picture, record its dimensions and move on. A lunch break provides a great way to analyze all your fabulous finds and go back to see those that deserve a second look.”

For more of Dawn’s expertise, you can contact her at 804-641-1445 or Make sure to check out her work at this year’s 2016 Richmond Homearama presented by the Richmond Homebuilder’s Association and to connect with her on Facebook at Dawn Wolf Designs.

Homesmith exterior view


Five Homearama Design Dos and Don’ts from Design Duo, Shannon and Joanna Tootle

Shannon and Joanna Tootle

Ever feel overwhelmed when you visit Green Front and are faced with thousands of options? Well, we’ve got some sage advice, geared especially to Green Front shoppers, from Shannon and Joanna Tootle, a pair of designers who have brought to life one of this year’s Homearama at Hallsley homes. Plus, you can get a sneak peek of the home they designed.

Green Front Furniture is THE furniture provider for this year’s Richmond Homearama. So, be sure to take the Tootle’s advice and then visit Perkinson Homes at Homerama at Hallsley to see their advice (and hundreds of selections from Green Front Furniture) out in the wild!

1. DON’T fall into coordinated oblivion.

Perkinson Living Room

According to Tootle, “My biggest concern is having everything too matchy matchy.”

“Everyone makes that mistake at some point or another,” she adds. A lack of variety can make your space seem boring, or smaller than it actually is.

2. DO mix it up

Perkinson study room

She recommends mixing modern with traditional styles, antiques with mid-century pieces and solid fabrics with patterns. “This will give your space individuality and visual interest.”

An added bonus? An eclectic look that samples from multiple styles and different time periods is very on-trend at the moment. “More layered, cultured, and eclectic combinations of architecture and design are very in right now. Mix the old and the new, 18th century with 20th, colors, and patterns to achieve this look.”

3. DO try little changes for maximum impact

Perkinson Dining Room

You don’t have to launch a floor-to-ceiling overhaul to transform your space. The Tootles emphasize the power of little changes and their ability to make a big impact on a room.

“Simple alterations such as replacing pillows with new patterns and colors, adding a throw, updating a floor rug, for example, change a look instantly.” You can achieve a look that’s on trend but still suited to your space and budget by mixing old with new, and varying colors and patterns – even in small ways.

4. DON’T sacrifice form for function.

Perkinson Kitchen

You can have both, say Shannon and Joanna. A space that is beautiful and easy to live in is as simple as making sure there’s plenty of surface space in your most lived in areas.

Shannon and Joanna recommend multiple table surfaces to keep things convenient: “Make sure that there are enough surfaces within arm’s reach of living room seating to hold items such as drinks, books, table lamps and reading glasses.”

5. DO shop at Green Front

Perkinson Master Bedroom

Each of the Homearama designers are given a budget to use at Green Front so they’re experts at maximizing the shopping experience at the sometimes dauntingly massive warehouses. At the top of the list, according to the Tootles: start at the clearance and work your way up. They also recommend taking pictures of the furniture you are drawn to, including price tags with furniture codes and measurements. Timing is key, as well. The Tootles say you should expect to spend a minimum of four hours on a visit.

Be sure to check out Tootle Designs’ incredible work at this year’s Richmond Homearama. You can contact them directly at or at 804.614.0028

Perkinson House Outside View

The Wait Is Over: Persian Rugs Return To Green Front

Picking Out Rugs

Green Front is synonymous with many things for many people. Some think quality, some think selection, but almost everyone thinks Persian rugs. And for good reason. Over the years, Green Front has meticulously cultivated its reputation as being one of the foremost outlets on the East Coast for timeless Persian rugs. They’ve been offering their unrivaled selection of this style for almost 25 years.

In lieu of multiple trips to pick out each rug, Green Front relies on the expertise of someone deeply familiar with the product. Reza Ghandi, a veteran purchasing agent, travels throughout Tehran and Iran—long considered to be the heart of Persian rug culture—selecting each of the rugs individually for Green Front’s collection. While most buyers select rugs from the capital city centers where the selection is smaller, Reza also travels to the outlying smaller towns to purchase rugs straight from the source.

Rug WarehouseGreen Front has been buying rugs direct from Iran since 2001. From 2000 to 2011 over 100 containers of Persian rugs were shipped to Farmville, VA. The shipments filtering in later this spring and early summer will comprise over 1,250 rugs and will be the first of their kind since a trade embargo halted the importation of rugs to the United States in 2011. After the long lull in bringing in fresh inventory, only a handful of exquisite Persian masterpieces remain at Green Front. To get a feel for the additional items that will be arriving soon, you can see them displayed in Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4.

All the rugs selected are hand knotted, primarily by Persian craftsmen, many of whom come from centuries of rug-making lineage. The history of carpet weaving in the area is rich, vibrant and tied inextricably with the history of the people themselves. Rug craftsmanship is believed to date back almost 2500 years.

Each town in the area is identifiable by a certain type or style of rug. Weaving and carpet making is such an important part of the local culture that there is an entire museum in Iran devoted exclusively to carpets and their history. 

Once the final rugs are selected, Reza arranges to have them expertly washed and finished before preparing them for shipment to the United States. Months after these rugs are created and selected, they are prepped and shipped to arrive at the Green Front showroom, bringing with them a history as colorful and intricate as the designs they feature.

Green Front’s boots-on-the-ground method for assembling their collection of Persian rug selections is truly a rarity amongst most U.S. rug retailers. From start to finish, the process is hands on in every sense of the word as the rugs are hand created and then hand picked by the seasoned eye of Reza.

As one Green Front employee expressed it, “using local, indigenous weavers are the rug industry’s equivalent of the farm-to-table trend.”

Rug Warehouse


The Results Are In: Four Reasons Our Customers Love Green Front

Building 10

We asked and you answered.

Earlier this year, over 600 Green Front customers took our online and print survey. We wanted an unfiltered, insider look at the Green Front visitor experience. And, boy, did you have a lot to say.

We were blown away by how many folks love the unique Green Front shopping experience. They loved Green Front for its miles of showrooms, quaint downtown Farmville location, endless variety and friendly, but not-too-pushy sales staff.

Here is a breakdown of why so many folks already love Green Front. The responses we received were as varied as the visitors themselves, but we’ve managed to distill it down to a few of the highlights.

The final point, Green Front is unlike any other furniture store.

The Variety

varietyOne of the best beloved parts of a visit to Green Front is the wide, almost endless, variety. Whether you’re searching for a rug, lamp, table or chair, you will find a multitude of options.

“There is nothing like Green Front. Home furnishing stores are disappearing and it is a treat to be surrounded with so [many] and such differing styles,” wrote one guest.

The smorgasbord of options and styles has kept people traveling to Farmville and continues to draw them with the promise of items that are unavailable elsewhere.

“The selection is awesome. You can find things there that you won’t find anywhere else,” a guest remarked. And when asked to highlight her favorite part of a trip to the warehouses, this guest summed it up by saying: “I love the variety of items… and the originality of the products. I always come across conversation pieces.”

When you visit Green Front, you aren’t going to find just a few select manufacturers. We carry literally hundreds of brands, and our own direct-import offerings. The options are nearly limitless.

The Venue

Green Front in Farmville Downtown

Folks couldn’t stop gushing over the beautiful location, the massive warehouses and the charming downtown Farmville community where Green Front is nestled. For the thousands of out-of-town guests, coming to Green Front is more than shopping trip, it is an exciting quest.

As one guest explained: “It is like a big adventure! We love exploring each building not knowing what you might find!”

Customers adored the treasure-hunt feel that is a part of the Green Front experience.

“I love going from building to building to find a treasure. I never leave without buying something,” wrote one guest. “I also love having lunch at one of the local cafes.”

The quaint shops, eateries and picturesque location that surround Green Front steal the hearts of those who come, with many respondents explaining that the location helped make a visit an ideal day trip.

A visitor encapsulated the perfect shopping excursion experience by saying, “I enjoyed the excitement of hiking through the warehouses and discovering that special piece. Then taking a break for lunch. Then doing it again.”

The Value

Rug Selection

Sure, we might carry some of the same manufacturers and you might find some familiar looking rugs, but our industrial look is authentic and helps us keep our overhead and, therefore, prices low.

Visitor after visitor mentioned being surprised that the jaw-dropping quality and massive selection was also accompanied by excellent prices. For one guest, the highlights were simple: “There was a huge selection with good prices. That and the ability to see/feel products in person were the things I most enjoyed about the visit.”

Visitors repeatedly expressed appreciation for the consistently fair prices on one-of-a-kind masterpiece rugs, hand-carved furniture and exquisite accessories.

“It is amazing. I love not knowing what I might find and finding things at bargain prices,” one guest wrote.

Our Sales Staff

When you arrive, you aren’t swarmed by 5 sales people in suits desperate to make a commission. Many of our sales associates have been with Green Front for 10, 15, 20 years. They are experts in their areas and connect you with the manufacturers and pieces that fill both your design and budget needs. Our survey participants overwhelmingly cited the welcoming, knowledgeable staff as one of the best parts of their visits.

Green Front Sales Associates Cindy and Julie

Green Front Sales Associates Cindy and Julie

“I really like that the salespeople don’t follow me around or hover [over] me,” one guest noted and many others specifically mentioned the friendliness of the staff. Some were so impressed with the helpfulness and professionalism of the Green Front team that they even mentioned favorite associates by name.

Green Front’s crew have perfected the delicate balance of availability, minus any aggressive sales tactics. A respondent described it by saying, “The staff people are friendly, welcoming and helpful, but not intrusive.”

As Green Front continues to work to make the guest experience at all of its locations the best it can be, it’s clear that many things are already working well. The recent survey provided proof that people love the variety, venue and value at Green Front. But, what seems to shine through the most is the adventure and excitement of the overall visit.

It’s true that the warehouses and miles and miles of discount furniture can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ll be using the survey responses to improve the Green Front experience both online and in person. Our goal is not to change Green Front, but add tools to make it more accessible. (Stay tuned for exciting announcements on how we’ll be doing that.)

Don’t worry. We are proud to offer an experience to our visitors that is unlike any other. And that’s not going to change.